"The gates of Justice have opened in Alabama, "The Justice State", in unprecedented dimensions. This year, the First Nations Sound will be released afresh along with "THE TRIBE" and the sound of Justice will be magnified over every tribe and tongue out of Alabama."

 James Nesbit

Apostle Ray and Pastora Richelle Garcia have been invited to join this assembling to release the First Nations Sound and join in unity with other sound carriers. 

This gathering will be four days of training and teaching concerning the release of the NOW sound of governmental worship, as well as the invisible realm - the quantum dimension - and how these relate to the expanding of the Ekklesia in the earth today. This year's gathering holds a special emphasis on releasing the sound of justice out of Alabama, the Justice Gate, through the nations and honoring the First Nations sound. 

If you would like to join us in Alabama, tickets are now available and registration is non-refundable. 

August 3 - 7 | Word Alive | Anniston, Alabama

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