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Recognizing The Enemy

Tonight was extremely powerful!! Teacher Kamika, you continue to let God use you!! Thank you. So, I have been dealing with some anger issues lately, I have so much joy always but for some reason when I leave TIC I almost always get really irritated like I want to snap.  I've been really processing through it these last 2 weeks. So, tonight was so powerful for me. The message was broken down, even a child could understand it! After service while in the parking lot, my daughter did something to trigger me to almost snap, but God is so good. Y'all, I recognized it and immediately said LETS PRAY!! As I began to pray I could feel the heaviness ease up off of me! After I prayed my husband turnt up the bang and we drove home. I felt so much peace.  We got home and the kids began to run around and play, we were able to relax. There was a NEWNESS in our home. In my spirit God said, "YOU asked now receive, you are more than a conquerer! You are above and not below. You are beautiful! You are blessed! You are my child! TELL THAT MOUNTAIN TO MOVE!" It was like I got my spiritual voice back!!! Glory hallelujah all day!!! I love my training center.