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This last month I have had issues with my car’s AC. It was blowing cold air, just not hard enough even when I put it on the highest setting. Tuesday, I heard the Spirit tell me to Google why my AC was not blowing as hard as it could, so I did. After watching a video on it, I thought it could be that my cabin air filter is dirty and not allowing the air to flow the way it’s supposed to. So I Googled again to find out where the air cabin filter specific to my car, was located. The cabin air filter was located behind the glove compartment. So after two snaps, the glove compartment came out and to my surprise, there was a plastic bag on top of the fan, stopping the intake of air flow. Right after I removed the plastic bag (without any complications) the car’s AC began to blow at full force! Just that simple to fix! I then remembered the air filter so I took it out and found that it was dirty and even full of dead insects. I tried to salvage the filter by cleaning and dusting it off but I heard the Spirit say “go buy a new one”, so I did. Now my “palomito” is blowing cold AC and it’s keeping me fresh during these hot summer days! Thank you Lord! What I thought was going to be an expensive fix ended up being a $14.00 fix!!!  

Obedience to Holy Ghost