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We want to testify about the faithfulness and goodness of our Mighty Healer God. Sunday after APG prayed for Junior, we noticed a peace on him. This whole week Junior has had awesome days at school. We get daily reports about him and even the teacher said she didn’t know what’s happening to Junior but he is so peaceful. He waits his turn and listens and is following directions. She does not know what happened with Junior the past three weeks that she was home, but she has seen a change in him. He is following the instructions and paying attention. He’s not getting desperate when he does not get what he wants and he is calmer. His behavior report is much better than before and he’s received happy faces three days in a row. Glory to God! Prayer always works when we exercise our faith. I am amazed! We told his teacher that it’s the goodness of our God and witnessed to her about what happened on Sunday!!!! GLORY TO OUR GOD

Thank you APG for your obedience! We love you!