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God Has The Solution

Since volleyball season is coming up i started overthinking and doubting myself. i started thinking ‘What if i get cut from the team?’, ‘What if i’m not good enough?’ and on top of all this i had to get my physical done but all the hospitals we went to weren't doing physicals because of the corona virus. So i came home from Thursday's practice just feeling defeated. i didn’t feel like my usual self and i was trying to get my physical done but it just seemed like options weren’t there. I saw a message from my Coach and i saw that the school was doing physicals at the school for 10 dollars. I said to myself that i would do that if no other options came up. I told my mom about it and we just got in a disagreement making me feel even more defeated and frustrated than i already was. I went into my room and just started tearing up because of all the frustration in my mind and me doubting that i was going to get on the team. I started thinking about doing something that i’ve never thought about. I started thinking about what APG said, it was something like ,‘ in the midst of your problems if you just stop and praise God then he will make your problems go away ( i’m not exactly sure what he said word for word but that’s around it ) and so i grabbed my phone and my air-pods, went on apple music and put on worship music and i just laid on my bed and i just started praying and praising God. i said to him ‘God you know my problems and i’m not going to stress about it no more because i know you have the solution. I’m just going to keep praising you.’ That night i got a text from my friends mom and she said told me that if i wanted to she can’t pick me up and i can go  with her and my friend to an appointment for the physical and she will pay for EVERYTHING. I know for other people this is such a small issue but me this is a great blessing FROM GOD. God is saying that he HAS your solution. Do not  stress about things, especially if they are not in your control. Just praise God in the midst of your problems and he will provide a solution!

Impact Youth Testimony