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At TIC, we have been talking about being available and God has really shown me what that looks like in my life. It meant opening my mouth when He says, going and even staying in a place when He says, and allowing Him to show me what it means to be a child of God; not what I’ve expected, but I’m open to God’s expectations. God’s expectations of me as a leader. I’ve been yelled at, lied on and undermined at my job, but I stepped back and allowed God to do His perfect work. I stopped trying to defend myself and yielded myself and the situation to God. In just a couple of days, God has sent my CEO down to my center and removed the staff that was spearheading the attack. Through all of this, I was able to witness to a lady and share Jesus Christ with her! I’m thankful to have a powerhouse like TIC in my life! God is at work!!! Continue to make yourself available to Him and He will show up in your life like you could never have imagined or done through your own strength.