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Faith Activated

My heart desire has always been to have my own home and not have to rent. A few months ago, my husband and I were homeless, not because we didn’t have the finances or because something was wrong with the house we were living in. We had lived in our old home for a good four years. One day I decided to go over some paperwork of the home we were in and found out I was being ripped off. I said to myself “Not to this servant of the Lord!!!” So by faith, I left that home, believing that we were going to own our own home. I went to live with my wonderful daughter and her husband for four months to be exact. The relationship between me and my son in love was not in good standing but GOD restored our relationship while I was there. Praise the Lord!

Four days ago, in a marvelous way, God provided for me and my husband to have our own home and we received the keys of our home that same day that the realtor showed us the house! The presence of God fell on us and even the realtor was crying. My son in love was crying and I ended up crying! The realtor told us that they were going to do everything for us to get the home because they could feel that we are wonderful people. Then they gave us the keys!

We tried to get two other homes and for some reason that only God knows, we were not able to get those homes. After almost three months of desperately seeking a home, by faith and still believing that we were going to get our own place, we stood knowing that God WOULD MOVE ON OUR BEHALF. It wasn’t easy, but it was not impossible. Nothing is impossible for God!

By the way, our new home is close to TIC and even closer to our promised land. It was amazing to have APG come over and anoint our new home and the presence of God was so tangible.

To God be all the Glory and Honor for ever and ever. AMEN!!!!!