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where jesus reigns

I watched the warship online and then my mom called me and gave me Psalm 91:10,11. I was able to catch the last 30-40 minutes of the extraction/deliverance all while I was feeling nauseous. I said out loud: “Lord if there is any demonic spirit that has attached itself to me or my family, let it be gone. You are evicted!!!” and I started gagging. I said “Yup, your time is up and you wil go to the feet of Jesus and never return. Come out and be gone in Jesus name!” I started throwing up foam and saliva and I knew it wasn’t all out. So I said: “Come out now! You have no dominion in this vessel of Jesus Christ. I have authority over you!” and I started spitting out more saliva and finally, I released a lot of air and foam and JESUS DELIVERED!!!!!


Extraction at Home