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Delivered & Set Free

MY GOD IS GOOD!!! I couldn’t wait to share this, but I want to let my TIC Tribe now that for a couple of weeks I HAD been tormented by demons. The last time when God extracted demons from my fellow Kingdom Warriors, I was going to go up to the front, but I let my sister go get her extraction instead while I held her baby. When those tormenting spirits would come in, I would just pray and thank God for what He was doing in her life!!!! Today I woke up with something stirring in my spirit, that I thought almost caused a distraction for me, but I realized it was just the Holy Ghost giving those demons an EVICTION NOTICE which was causing a riot in me. I thank my LORD AND MY SAVIOR for the obedience that took place in me! Just plain obedience yall! I AM DELIVERED AND SET FREE BECAUSE MY ABBA FATHER SAID SO!!!! And I have been sealed by being submerged in the water. And YOU KNOW WHAT? I got drunk in the HOLY SPIRIT AND HIS NEVER ENDING JOY! I love yall. Let’s keep pressing forward and never looking back!!!!!!!