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Command Presence

On the evening of Sunday, October 10, 2021 I had been observing an ugly storm that was “trying” to spin up into a tornado. The storm began to get out of control by that time and the sirens were going off. Living near a fire station, the sirens were louder and more intense. It started raining heavily and the wind was getting crazy. I began to think of a training I had at SAW 43 a few days prior from Colonel Garcia. I watched this ugly storm spin like a top and I stood firm and began to pray against it. I stood in the rain and 60-70 mile per hour winds and talked about command presence. Mind you, my family was in the shelter and long story short, I watched it turn to the left and head south. I received no damage to my home, not one shingle or piece of siding out of place. Everything was in tact. I forgot to mention that a small fence panel is the only thing that blew down and my neighbors around me only received minor damage from the storm.

Command Presence: The ability to exhibit self-control while in the midst of total chaos.