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An Unknown Offense Revealed and Healed

I want to thank God for the teaching  we're having and bringing things in my life to his light. As APG gave the call to come up, I was sorting through my thoughts asking ABBA if there was anything I had hanging around pertaining to the Orphan Spirit. I thought everything was fine until APG mentioned offenses and an incident came to mind that happened over twenty years ago, twenty years! I hadn't even realized it was there. But Daddy showed me, and now it's  kicked out. In Jesus name! 
We may think we have it together, but if God shows us something, it's out of his love for us and wanting us to be healed and whole, that he brings it to our attention. God is so good! 
We don't  have to have it all together. God knows when we do or not. But from his love for me/us, if we will trust him, He will bring healing. 
So I give God all the honor