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A Warm Welcome

My husband and I have been together for almost three years. I could never get him to go to church with me. No matter which church I tried to get him to attend. Over the last year God has blessed our lives. We have had both difficult struggles and amazing blessing. During this time he has accepted Jesus and has made huge differences in his life, but he still would not attend church. Finally one morning after weeks of both his parents and I trying to get him to go to church with us his mother had a talk with him. Begrudgingly that Wednesday he came with me to TIC. Later that night he talked about how much he had enjoyed it, but I didn’t expect him to return with me that Sunday. To my surprise that morning he was excited to come to church! Then he told me about APG personally texting him. That simple gesture has made the difference in the way he saw the church. It made him feel apart of something. I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for making him feel welcome. For making him feel at home at TIC. We are still fighting with medical issues but when he is able to attend he is excited. I am excited it is no longer a fight to get my small family to go to church with me. We both feel we have found a home here at The Impact Center. Thank you.