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I moved to Lawton expecting to land a job fairly quickly, but when weeks turned into months I decided to return to school. About halfway through the semester, I received two calls from two separate companies to set up an interview.  One of them offered me the job right away and I declined, because I thought for sure I would be offered the position with a higher salary.  Unfortunately, I was not selected for the higher paying job and ultimately missed out on a good job opportunity. Several months went past and thank God for His mercy and grace, even when I made a mistake, because the position with the company I initially declined-----opened up again! I made sure this time not to be hasty and truly sought the Lord on what to do. I submitted my application on Thursday and recieved a phone call on Friday to schedule my interview on Tuesday. Within hours of the interview, I received a call from HR offering me a director position! I'm completely grateful for TIC and all the love and support you guys give (Pro. 3:5-6).